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Flower Power

Why planting a flower garden can impact our health

Believe it or not, planting a cut flower garden is great for our health for many different reasons. It forces us to get outside, exposing us to sunlight, fresh air, microbes in the dirt, and gives us just plain peace. When we have an electronic device in the palm of our hand almost every waking moment, we are constantly overstimulated and exposed to blue light, emfs, negativity and the like. Getting outside in any fashion is such a different type of stimulation. As quoted similarly in “Tech-Wise Family,” “The smartphone generates a distraction from the things that really spark wonder.” 

Did you know fake plants and flowers often end up in landfills and are laden with toxic chemicals?? But who wants to add the extra chunk on the grocery bill by buying fresh at the store. Some of which add to chemical and climate problems themselves. Throwing seeds out will surprisingly produce results quicker than you might think and if you’re worried about water usage, planting native flowers for your area might be a perfect solution. For instance, the California poppy thrives on the west coast. As a native plant it helps the local pollinators, it can be used for a sleepy time tea, garnishment for salads, desserts decoration, or dried out and used to embellish stationary and more, all while being drought tolerant. This option is particularly well suited for someone who only has a hillside to work with and not necessarily a flat and usable working space.

To add icing on the cake, there’s a trend taking Pinterest by storm. It’s decorating your desserts with real flowers. Some edibles, some not. In either case, they add so much more whimsy without the sugar and chemicals compared to sprinkles and frostings. From just a sprig of lavender on a scoop of “nice cream” to an entire bouquet topping a three tier cake, flowers add an instant wow factor. Planting edible flowers in your garden is a win-win! How lovely to steep freshly cut teas in a coffee press or glass tea kettle, not to mention beautiful! These same flowers also make great dried gifts from loose leaf teas, DIY air fresheners, to bath salts. 

Don’t have a lot of room? Aim for one pot of your favorite blossom, and look forward to a special treat anytime there is a new bloom.

One of our favorite flower gurus is hosting a free online summer mini course on how to cut, care for, and arrange your flowers. Find out more at the link in her Instagram bio. @floretflower 

Happy Planting!

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