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Tempted Temple offers inspiration and education to the modern consumer within the categories of Health, Home, Haute, and Husbandry. Through social media, digital content, and a curated e-commerce platform, Tempted Temple provides its followers with the tools to grow their understanding of the foods they consume, the products they utilize, and the little decisions they make on behalf of their household, day by day. Founder Kristina James shares her vast wellness knowledge through storytelling and straightforward, simple tips, making the journey to wellness a beautiful, attainable, valuable, and delightful pursuit for all.


Recipes & Cooking Techniques | Nutritional & Detox Education | Physical Conditioning | Mental Wellness

Our Health category captures all things physical and mental health-related. With so much information floating around, our goal is to bring you the most important topics in the simplest form. Including but not limited to: proper food preparation using ancient wisdom, how to read food labels and spot gimmicky advertising, supplement management, cold, sauna, and light therapeutics, stress relief, motivation, sleep conditioning, practical workouts, and getting your family on board for it all.


Purposeful Design | Green Living Inspiration | Non-Toxic Resources | Intentional Entertaining

The home is the foundation for success. This category includes design and organization for the whole house with a goal of wellness for us and the planet. From layouts, appliance recommendations, floral arranging straight from the yard, non-toxic and eco-friendly material selection such as paint, fabric, dishes, decor, and cleaning products, repurposing, entertaining inspiration, all the way to EMF, water, and air systems and solutions!


Clean Beauty | Sustainable Fashion | Tutorials Styling Tips

We all know haute couture means "high" fashion. What if we looked at what high stands for differently. Here we explore higher standards and higher morals on how materials, products, and techniques from the fashion and beauty industry affect nature and our bodies. You will find tips like dressing for a hybrid lifestyle (whether from the gym to office, or farm to school-pickup), healing rituals and recipes, chemical-free beauty products, and non-heat hair hacks, etc... In other words, be Haute but with Heart!


Horticulture | Animal Care | Regenerative Farming | Tools, Strategies & Techniques

Husbandry is the care for crops and animals. In this category, we dive into all things farm and garden. We share suggestions for urban areas, beginners, and even the most experienced folk. We might talk about why not to be scared of beekeeping, what bio-dynamics is, how to ferment chicken food, planting food as landscape, when to plant, the best brand of work boots, and the hottest garden gloves you've ever seen. #farmlifebutmakeitchic

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