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Father's Day 2022 Gift Guide

After years of living the Tempted Temple lifestyle, we’ve cherry-picked some great products that our family has  personally tried, tested, and approved. From health, home, haute, and husbandry, we’ve gathered our absolute favorites that can enhance the everyday of Dad’s everywhere.

Men’s Glow-Up

Have you noticed the way  face washes, serums, and lotions are often marketed to primarily females? When it comes to clean beauty, we often think first of ourselves and not about “Dad.” However, his skin is just as absorbent – and it’s health is just as important!  Good clean skincare products are essential for us all. What we find great about Dr Mercola’s products are that the scents are neutral but still keep the skin glowing and fresh without any toxic ingredients. Our top two items are Restorative Facial Serum (which is a lightly fragranced vanilla oil) and the Overnight Face Cream. This oil can be shared and has quickly become one of Mom’s top choices, too!

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

There’s a lot of research out about how sunlight on “the lower regions” of the body can boost testosterone dramatically but how often do guys really have the opportunity to lay out in the sun, completely naked? That’s why we love these sleek tan-through shorts. Dad can find opportunities to wear them swimming, doing yard work,  taking out the trash, watching the kids play, etc. This line of tan-through shorts and t-shirts block about 50% of UVA and UVB rays.  So, in one way it’s like a non-toxic sunblock (for us and the coral reefs!), but done in a way that provides the many benefits of sun exposure to parts of the body that need it, and rarely get it otherwise. 

Underneath It All


When it comes to boxers and socks, comfort is everything! However, did you know that the fabrics used can have formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) sprayed on them. While we don’t really know the effects of wearing socks and boxers produced in this fashion, we do know that producing garments this way is particularly harmful for the workers using these chemicals and for the planet. We have fallen head over heels for the brand Pact. Not only are Pact boxers organic, chemical-free, and sustainable, but they are also (and we quote) “The most comfortable boxers I’ve ever worn.”

Favorite Farm Chore Boot

This super comfy, practically hurricane-proof muck boot ended up being an unexpected favorite. Whether you are truly farming or just have some dirty yard work to do, these boots are perfect. They hold up to everything, but they are short and not a pain to slip into. The solid black rounded toe and lime green lining gives them an urban touch.

Make Apron’s Cool Again

Another item that is underrated is the men’s apron. We think aprons are making a comeback as more and more people are getting back into the kitchen.  The more we start to eat real food, the more our time consists of prep work, cooking, and dishes. Protect your clothing no matter what part of the day you are dressed for. Even our workout attire these days is trendy and expensive, so who wants to splatter food all over them? Check out this stylish, eco-friendly, forever-lasting, and  genuine leather apron we love. 

Grapefruit for the Win!

The men in our family have a thing for the greyhound cocktail. The problem is a lot of juices have extra additives, sugar, and food dyes making them not ideal to consume. We found organic fresh-pressed never pasteurized grapefruit juice from Lakewood Organics. This one is not only Dad-approved, but after years of drinking greyhounds, Grandpa says it’s the best store-bought juice he’s ever had.

If you really want to be extra, gifting a grapefruit, lemon, or lime tree depending on preference would make a pretty epic Father’s Day gift as well. 

Happy Shopping!

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