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Our brand is built on four wellness categories that all strive to get us closer to optimal health, so you may wonder why would we have one category dedicated to health specifically? We want to use this space to talk about biology, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, biohacking and much more. This is where the “traditional” health resources live. As we further explain this topic, we want to address the issue of so much conflicting information out there today and why we won’t be sticking to one particular diet or lifestyle trend. You see, we’ve lived the experience of being told something by one professional, only to further research a supporting argument for doing the exact opposite. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, shut down and not even attempt to try to advance our health. Let’s start with, what does it even mean to be healthy? 


Health is more than the absence of illness or injury. Health is defined as an overall state of well-being; physically, mentally, and emotionally. To keep itself in this balanced state, the body has a process called homeostasis, in which it continuously adjusts to internal and external changes. These changes can be diet, environment, disease, physical or emotional trauma, etc. All of these factors cause the body to react. When a change happens that throws our systems out of balance, the body responds quickly and accordingly to get itself back on track. The information that we are given as signals of these changes are blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, body temperature, and more. This is the body’s way of addressing the change and possible problem. When homeostasis is thrown off, entire body systems can be derailed, including our mental and emotional wellness. Understanding how our bodies work is imperative for the realization that we have a choice in the matter of how healthy we are. How we live, what we do, and what we eat does make an impact on our systems!


Have you ever read two vastly different testimonials on how a certain diet changed someone’s life? It sure can be discouraging trying to figure out what path to take. We are inundated with scientific facts and research that can simultaneously conflict with each other and yet both make total sense at the same time. It’s important to understand the meaning of bio individuality. What works for one person might not work for another for various reasons. Ancestry, geographical location, and simply put, our personal health history are all examples of bio individuality. For example, one person’s body might hold onto iron while another runs the risk of anemia. Therefore, cast-iron cooking and high iron foods are not going to work for both parties. Afterall, the only one that can feel your body is you. Therefore, it is so important to listen to your innate wisdom or gut feeling and watch for signs and symptoms as you move along your journey. 


We are blessed beyond measure that our bodies are capable of detoxifying, or ridding themselves, of harmful or unneeded organisms, pathogens, and substances. The proper function of our skin, lungs, colin, liver, lymph nodes, and kidneys play an important role. Detoxification happens through pathways that excrete such as spit, sweat, urine, bowel movements and even breathing. These pathways need to be supported, kept open, and not overloaded. This is again another example of bio individuality. People can have the same exposure to a harmful chemical or a parasite, but not everyone’s body will handle it the same. Some have genetic mutations that don’t allow their bodies to methylate properly to get rid of toxins. Others, due to lifestyle choices, might have an internal environment, like poor gut health, that propels the growth of bad bacteria and parasites. Because of these differences, there are multiple ways to handle these imbalances and exposures. We will share many different ideas, options, and resources so that we have diversified information. There is no “one size fits all” approach. 

Health discussions at Tempted Temple will focus on simple primal ways of living; whole traditionally prepared foods, watching the sunrise and sunset, cold temperature and light exposure, movement throughout the day, and other ancestral practices. We will also share  advanced technologies and supplementation for situations when life is just not quite so simple. Even though we like to be as natural as possible, we do live in a world full of the unnatural. Therefore, we might not always be able to live like cavemen. We all have different needs and different life circumstances, so not every suggestion is going to be suited for every individual. Rather than a one-size fits all prescription, we hope you are inspired to think and question what you know about health and wellness. We hope to spark the desire for learning more, staying motivated, and establishing communities. Even though our journeys are different, they don’t have to be lonely.
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