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OUR LATEST FAVORITE FINDS and this time they’re vintage!

*When we buy repurposed materials, we reduce our risk of exposure to many toxic chemicals (especially on fabrics) and help reduce the carbon footprint- thus making our environment healthier. 

It’s important to note that lead and aluminum can be in materials such as paint and metals of the past and present. It is wise to test for lead and to avoid cooking with aluminum. Feel free to email us if you have questionable items, and we will see how we can help. 

Trending Vintage Items include the following. 

Quilted Jackets 

There are many ways to use up-cycled clothing and fabrics. We love vintage quilts turned into jackets like this one here from @themtalons. She uses shearling on the collar for a super cute fall look. She takes custom orders and will work with quilts that you own. So cool!

 Vintage cutlery


We’ve seen some great uses for eclectic spoons, forks, and knives! They can be engraved with fun sayings and used for gifts, serving, or even for decoration. Vintage cutlery can be used for popsicle sticks check our previous posts to see. Pictured here we have engraved forks to use for cheese labeling on a charcuterie board by @marah_johnson

Antique dough bowls and vegetable troughs


There are so many uses for these old wooden bowls that were originally made to let the dough rise.  You can use them to hold produce in the kitchen, contain towels in the bathroom, or fill them with dried moss garnishing and use as a centerpiece on a coffee table. 



These beauties were used to knead dough and now make the coolest charcuterie displays, wall décor, and gifts. You can also serve a whole meal on them like the popular #pancakeboard.”

Designer brooches


If you aren’t into designer goods, this might not be for you. 

If you are a fashionista or know one, we have a fun idea. Used brooches can turn inexpensive and/or eco-friendly handbags into instant high-end-looking pieces giving “it girl” vibes. And the best part is that they can be thrown on any accessory (think hats, scarves, even pillows!) or clothing items giving flexibility and longevity to this purchase.

Urns, planters, and ice buckets


It’s time to tap into your real creativity here! We’ve seen urns used for holding towels on a tabletop, ice buckets used as planters, and planters used as ice buckets. Tea kettles even make cute succulent displays.

To repurpose as much as possible requires thinking outside the box, which can be such a fun experience and creates so much more interest, not to mention originality, rather than having a carbon copy of what everyone else has. Crunchy but make it cool!

For many vintage finds reach out to @oliveandoakantiques

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