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French Fauxs

French Fauxs

Our "Easy Belly" series is a collection of recipes and information to help heal and seal the lining of the gut. This will help to reduce bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms, while promoting healthy digestion. 
We love classic French-fries but they are high in starchy-carbs and fiber, making them hard to digest for those with sensitive tummies.
We often see sweet potatoes and corn used as a replacement and while we adore that they are whole real foods, they too can be harder on the digestive tract. We found other unexpected alternatives whether you are on a gut-healing protocol, fighting belly-bloat, or just want to switch it up.
Carrots and butternut squash are both gentle staples for many real foodies, but we were shocked to find they make great French-fries. Carrots are a little denser providing a firmer fry, as the squash retains more moisture. It’s really a matter of preference and it can be fun to combine them both. They are super simple to make.
Cutting the butternut squash is the hardest part. If that’s a struggle, watch this video for a quick step-by-step guide. In the video she uses a peeler, but you can also use a sharp knife to peel. If you have chickens, you can cut the bottom of the squash (the round part with the seeds) and feed to them to the chickens instead of spending as much time slicing, then everyone gets a special treat.
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